Tuesday, November 17, 2009

go! Mokulele

Here's an update on my post about Mokulele Airlines.

From the October 22, 2009 Pacific Business News:
On Tuesday, Oct. 13, Mokulele Airlines announced they were creating a “joint venture” with Mesa Air Group, who operate go! Airlines. This union will make the airlines the second-largest interisland carrier in Hawai‘i, behind Hawaiian Airlines. Mesa will own 75 percent of the operation and Mokulele will own 25 percent. The airlines will be co-branded at ticket counters as go! Mokulele. Layoffs are expected—since the two airlines offer overlapping services—but company representatives have not made any disclosures yet. Go! has about 330 Hawai‘i employees; Mokulele employs around 160.
First, go! eliminated Aloha as a competitor, now Mokulele bites the dust by becoming a part of go! If they can't make a profit now, they should just fold up shop and leave the interisland market to Hawaiian.

Here's the go! Mokulele route map:

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