Friday, August 12, 2011

American Airlines - September, 2000

American Airlines put together this 2000 timetable with excellent graphic representations of their hubs and connecting complexes. The airport maps are great, and I included seat maps of some of the airplanes that American no longer flies.

San Jose was still hanging on at this point as a focus city. American opened a hub at San Jose in 1988, using slots it obtained in the buyout of Air California in 1986. Reno Air took over many of American's gates until it was bought out by American in 1998. The San Jose "hub" would disappear shortly after American cancelled the San Jose-Tokyo route in 2006.

One other interesting note is that this timetable includes Business Express as a "cooperative service partner." The commuter airline was purchased by Americanin December, 1998 and was not yet folded into American Eagle.

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