Sunday, September 30, 2012

Air South - June, 1995

I never knew this airline existed until I was on my way to a Delta flight on Concourse H at MIA and passed a gate with the Air South logo. The airline wasn't around very long, but at least I was able to pick up a timetable while it was still flying.

From Wikipedia: 
In 1984 a group of businessmen from Columbia formed an airline named Air South (not to be confused with other Air South that had operated in the past). But it would be 10 years before the first flight took to the air and on 23 August 1994 services were inaugurated between Atlanta and Miami and between Atlanta and St Petersburg, Florida. The aircraft of choice was the B737-200. The route network grew rapidly and service was started to Jacksonville, Florida, Myrtle Beach, Tampa and Raleigh-Durham. By 1995 seven Boeing 737-200s were operating.

Although the airline was headquartered in Columbia, the main operations base was Atlanta. Air South's financial situation was never very strong and by 1996 the network was reduced. Flight delays and cancellations became a major problem with very dissatisfied passengers as a result. A marketing alliance was set up with Kiwi International Airlines but by that time both companies were having financial problems. By the summer of 1997 Air South's fleet was reduced to five B737-200s. The end came swiftly at the end of the 1997 summer when Air South went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in August 1997 and it shut down one month later.

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