Sunday, February 10, 2013

Air Virginia - April, 1981

From rzjets:

By the mid-1980s it had a route system that stretched from Newark to North Carolina and west to Ohio, and its fleet had grown to include several Swearingen Metros and a few BAe 748s. On May 15, 1985 it changed its name to AVAir and became an American Eagle carrier. It later moved its base to the Raleigh/Durham airport as it became the American feeder there. On January 15, 1988 the airline filed for bankruptcy and suspended operations. Flights resumed on February 3, with financial help from AMR subsidiary Nashville Eagle. In May, certain asset of AVAir were sold to Nashville Eagle, which took over the Raleigh operation, and AVAir ceased operations.

I think at one point, New York Air also added Air Virginia as a partner.

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