Monday, March 18, 2013

Jetstream International Airlines - June, 1985

The only thing about "international" in Jetstream is the fact they had a Canadian phone number.

From Wikipedia:

In September 1985, the airline affiliated itself with Piedmont Airlines.  Jetstream International Airlines was acquired by Piedmont in August 1986 and became a wholly owned subsidiary shortly thereafter. In 1987, Jetstream once again moved its corporate headquarters to Dayton, Ohio.
Following the USAir acquisition of Piedmont in November 1987, JIA began operating as Allegheny Commuter from the USAir hub in Philadelphia In July 1988, JIA became a wholly owned subsidiary of USAir and operated in the colors of US Air Express, later US Airways Express. In 1989, JIA began feeder service to USAir's Indianapolis hub.

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