Friday, June 1, 2012

Ransome Airlines - July, 1985

Ransome Airlines built up an impressive route map in the northeast and its first major affiliation was with Allegheny Airlines as Allegheny Commuter from 1973-1982  It then flew independently until becoming a Delta Connection carrier from 1984-1986.

PanAm purchased Ransome in 1986 and eventually dropped all non-JFK flying in favor of feeding its international flights from New York.  Here's my post which includes PanAm Express routes in 1991.

Upon PanAm's demise, TWA bought Ransome in 1991. That would last until 1995 when TWA decided to outsource all Trans World Express operations.

From Wikipedia:  Until November 6, 1995, TWE, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TWA, operated flights under the Trans World Express banner. This fully certificated airline, previously named and certificated as Ransome Airlines - Pan Am Express, was headquartered at Philadelphia Northeast Airport far from TWA's (John F. Kennedy International Airport and (STL) St Louis hubs.  After that date, November 6, 1995, TWA outsourced all TWE operations to third-party "banner" airlines. Other airlines previously operating under the name and TWE "banner" included Resort Air and Metro Air Northeast.


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