Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TWA - October, 1976

This is an interesting timetable because TWA wasn't a very focused airline.  Here are the nonstop locations from cities that had eight or more flights:

St. Louis:  23
JFK: 22
Los Angeles:  16
Kansas City:  14
Boston:  13
San Francisco: 13
Laguardia:  13
Indianapolis:  10
Phoenix:  10
Washington, D.C. (IAD & DCA):  10
Columbus:  9
Pittsburgh: 9
Albuquerque:  8

Here are a few city-pairs that I found interesting:

Tulsa-Laguardia (Why not fly to JFK to feed international fights?)
San Francisco-Tulsa

O'Hare lost hub status around 1982, but TWA continued to operate some unique routes from Chicago to cities such as Dayton, Columbus, Newark and Kansas City (which also was axed as a hub around 1983 or 1984 just before Eastern moved in) until about 1986.

TWA actually operated two hubs in Missouri - a growing one in St. Lois which officially opened in 1982, and the rapidly shrinking Kansas City hub.  TWA would later buy Ozark in 1986 which turned St. Louis into a "fortress hub."

TWA continued to fly from O'Hare to London Heathrow until 1991 and in 1992 sold all of its O'Hare slots to American and retreated briefly to Midway.

St. Louis and JFK were the two major TWA hubs. But, over the years, they attempted many times to develop other hubs and focus cites.  Here's a few links that discuss their efforts.

New York, 1962
Kansas City, 1972 (Scroll down.)
Atlanta, 1992  (A 1993 map is here.)
San Juan, 1999
Los Angeles, 2000 (A WSJ article that may need an account)

And finally, "The Death of TWA."

Oh, and here's the timetable.

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