Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grand Airways - February, 1995

Here's a part of a thread on that discusses Grand Airways.  You can find the entire discussion here
Grand was a Las Vegas based "Second Wave Startup" airline. They flew a couple of DC-9's. Their route system was pretty off and pretty flimsy: LAS to OAK, DFW, and IAH. Plus a few days a week, they flew to Mexico. I think it was Cabo, but I don't remember for sure. They didn't last long, maybe 2 years tops, roughly from mid 1995 to sometime in 1996.

Their fleet was pretty basic: just a couple of DC-9's painted in a rather drab (unmatched) color scheme. As I recall, towards the end of their existence, another livery emerged. It was all yellow with "billboard" style blue "GRAND" titles on it.

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