Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bar Harbor Airlines - December, 1985

Bar Harbor Airlines had an interesting history.  It ultimately became part of Texas Air's Eastern and Continental Airlines, as noted in the article from Wikipedia:
With additional aircraft financing, Texas Air International (through Eastern Air Lines and Continental Airlines) acquired a majority interest in Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor stopped flying its older aircraft, as well as the older PBA aircraft by the beginning of 1990 in favor of newer, modern aircraft. After Eastern's strike, bankruptcy filing, and ultimate separation from Texas Air, Bar Harbor too had to be divided between the two carriers. The aircraft fleet was divided between the two parents; the Saab 340s and Beechcraft 99s went to Eastern, and the ATR 42s went to Continental. The routes were divided between the two carriers. The Miami and Tampa hubs went to Eastern and continued operating as Eastern Express, while the Newark, LaGuardia, and Boston hubs went to Continental and operated as Continental Express. Employees were given the choice of going with either the Eastern Express division or the Continental Express portion of Bar Harbor. The Bar Harbor Airlines name and operating certificate ironically went to Eastern for the Florida operation. Continental then merged the New England portion of Bar Harbor and PBA with its other commuter carriers: Britt Airways (based in Terre Haute, Indiana) and Rocky Mountain Airways (based in Denver), and operated Continental Express under the Britt Airways certificate.
After Texas Air took control of the carrier, it moved its headquarters to Houston to avoid paying taxes in Maine.

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