Friday, July 1, 2011

Eastern Airlines - June, 1983

Eastern Airlines knew how to put together a good timetable. This one includes excellent route maps as well as relevant and clever ads.

Eastern's two largest hubs were in Atlanta and Miami. Interestingly, there was no commuter partner in Atlanta at this point. That would appear after Eastern dismantled the Houston mini-hub. (Or focus city in today's verbiage.) Here are the number of nonstop flights from several other cities listed in this timetable:
New York/Newark: 26
Orlando: 20
Houston: 19
Charlotte: 18
Boston: 11
The Orlando flights were a part of Eastern's designation as the "Official Airline of Walt Disney World." When Texas Air bought Eastern in 1986, the Houston service and the Moonlight Special service were shortly discontinued so Continental (another Texas air subsidiary) would have the market to itself. Here's a thread discussing the Moonlight Special. With the hub being enlarged in Atlanta, included adding a commuter affiliate, Eastern chose not to fight the growing presence of Piedmont, which designated Charlotte a hub in 1979. (Here's a good Piedmont route map from 1986.)

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