Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eastern Airlines - November, 1990

I lived in Miami and Atlanta for many years, so Eastern was the airline I flew most often. Eastern declared bankruptcy in 1989 then went on to try and rebuild as you can see in one of the timetable ads below.

When Eastern declared bankruptcy for the final time in January, 1991, my mom and dad were holding frequent flyer tickets to Hawaii that I gave them. I had to really scramble to get them seats on Delta, actually meeting them in the West Palm Beach airport a few days later with the certificates necessary to get them on their way. This was pretty close to Eastern's last airline timetable, if not the last.

Here's a picture of an Eastern DC-10. They weren't around very long; Eastern leased them for their Miami-London route which Continental ultimately assumed. I was bumped up to first class on my trip in 1985 and it was my first international flight.

Here's an ad featuring the trustee of Eastern before its final demise.

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